Living Change Counselling and Psychotherapy


Unlocking each individual’s potential for growth and healing within the natural flow and impermanence of life.

Are you going through a difficult time right now?

Finding it hard to cope?

Feeling confused, angry, sad, fearful or stuck?

Maybe you’re struggling with a specific crisis such as an addiction, the break up of a relationship or the death of a loved one…

Or you’ve lost direction with no sense of meaning and purpose in your life

These are just some of the challenging experiences that most of us will encounter throughout our lives, that without support, can often leave us feeling confused, afraid and alone.

With Counselling and Psychotherapy we enter a journey together. In a safe, caring and confidential space I will support you through such challenges as depression and anxiety, grief and loss, family and relationship issues, addictions and a host of other human difficulties. We will work towards releasing unhelpful patterns and beliefs, harness your strengths, build on your resilience and explore what really matters to you.

Free Introductory Phone Consultation – To help you decide if you are ready to begin therapy I offer a free 10-minute phone consultation. Together we can discuss how Counselling and Psychotherapy may benefit you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and together we can decide whether this could be a beneficial therapeutic relationship for you.

We are all deserving of so much more that we believe we are, so if you’re ready to take a step towards change and you’d like to chat with me about how therapy can enhance your life, call me today on 0407 005 234 to book your appointment or your free 10 minute introductory phone consultation


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