Stop struggling and start living…

Discover how Mindfulness Meditation can help you gain a different perspective on the stressful and difficult life situations that you may face and at the same time, cultivate Joy, Gratitude and Well-Being


A six week course

for developing healthy resiliance to life’s challenges and changes

(Meditation CD & Handouts provided)


Mindfulness is about paying attention to what we are experiencing from moment to moment without being preoccupied with thoughts of the past or concerns for the future.

Left to itself, the mind wanders through all kinds of thoughts – including thoughts of anger, craving, revenge, self-pity, etc. As we indulge in these kinds of thoughts we reinforce those emotions in our heart and mind causing pain and suffering for ourselves and others.

The medical profession are now recognising and promoting the many healing benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Practice and are prescribing it as a way to deal with pain relief, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship issues, illness and a host of other human difficulties.

Courses in Forestville

Class sizes are small and intimate

To reserve your place or make enquiries
Julie Gundlach
0407 005 234

Julie has been a meditator and practicing Buddhist for the past 15 years and is also available for individual meditation instruction